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What You Can Get at the Theory Sample Sale for Under $100

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Update: This sale has been extended through Saturday with additional discounts.

The line outside of the Theory sample sale at Clothingline started early today, with 100 people waiting out in this dreary, it-might-rain-maybe-any-second weather by the time the doors opened at 11am. We checked out the sale just before the crowds descended—and you're going to want to brave the impending rain.

The first racks you'll encounter as you enter are filled with Theory + activewear line, with small and petite sizes on the left and mediums and larges on the right. Tops are $39; pants (including sweatpants and leggings) are $69; and sweatshirts, vests, and jackets are $109. Dresses are $79, and sports bras (we didn't see a lot) are $29.

Beyond this are tables and a display wall of tops, mostly for $99 each and mostly for women, with a few men's styles hanging as well (there's also men's dress shirts with neck sizes for $59 that aren't displayed). You'll have to ask the employees to grab these items in your sizes, since all the stock is kept behind a table. It also looks pretty limited, so if you see a top you like on the wall in the gallery photos above, get in quickly.

Across from that section are several racks of men's sport shirts ($79) in sizes XS up to XXL. Follow the righthand wall to enter the smaller men's section, where sweaters are $99, short-sleeved shirts are $39, and long-sleeved shirts are $49. Shorts in sizes 28 through 38 are $69, and pants are $99, including dress pants and denim styles. A large section of sport coats is nearby ($209, down from $645). There is also a rack full of men's Yost jackets for $249 (were $495).

In the women's section that takes up most of the sales floor, everything is arranged by size—so circular racks toward the right have sizes 00, 0/P and 2/S, the back wall and center of the room have sizes 4 through 8/M, and the lefthand side of the space has 10/L and three racks of 12/XL. There is far less back stock for smaller sizes, so it's wise to get here are soon as possible if you're shopping for size 6 or smaller.

For tops, Women's tees are $39, blouses are $89, sweaters are $99, and leather tops are $109. We liked a light poplin blouse in cactus for $89 (was $225), a sleeveless navy suede top for $109 (was $445), and a laser-cut leather top for the same price (originally $645).

And for bottoms, shorts and skirts are $99, pants are $109, and leather pants and skirts are $299. We liked a navy and muslin pleated skirt for $99 (was $475), tennen drawstring pants in cardamom for $109 (were $295), cyan trousers for $109 (were $275), and a pair of Ima suede pants, available in dark green and black, for $299 (were $785).

Dresses are $149, and we saw styles like a collared sleeveless white dress (was $355), a woven dress in blush (was $395), and a navy button-down Stenna dress (was $395). Blazers and vests are $169—we liked the former in khaki (was $355) and the latter in beetroot red (was $325).

Outerwear is $249, like a khaki Karena rain coat (was $755); we also spotted a leather moto vest in fatigue green for $449 (was $855) and a long khaki suede coat also for $449, hugely marked down from $1,245.

It's almost certain that further markdowns will be taken as the sale goes on, but due to the limited amount of back stock here, you might not want to wait until later in the week. Check out the Dealfeed below for the sale hours, which run through Friday Saturday.