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Flywheel's Newest Cycling Class Wants You to Get Lost in the Music


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For years, Flywheel Sports has attracted a certain type of cycler: She likes to know exactly what her resistance and rotations per minute (RPM) should be set to, called out by the instructor and gauged by a tracking screen on the bike, and she likes competing with fellow classmates in timed sprints, the leaders of which show up on a flat-screen broadcasted out to the class. But at the boutique chain's Flybeats class, a 45-minute session that just made its way to the New York studios from West Coast master trainer Victor Self, her main focus is the music.

"With the Beats class, we wanted to keep you on the beat the whole time, so you can get completely lost in the music, and still get that amazing workout," Self explained to Well + Good, who recently tested out the first NYC class. So rather than focusing on hitting a certain RPM, students adjust resistance so that they're pedaling in accordance with each song—a tactic that sounds a bit Soulcycle-ian.

Since the focus is on the music, instructors are putting in extra time to create the perfect playlist that'll motivate students to push their hardest, sans class competition (though they could still opt in to have their stats displayed). The wellness site's test rider said that this didn't seem to affect how hard she worked during class though—she "found it to be a sweaty, hair-completely-soaked, tough spin class," and she wasn't the only one.

Though there aren't many Flybeats classes being held right now, check in with your local studio (there's seven in Manhattan) to see when the next themed ride is taking place.

Flywheel Sports - Tribeca

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