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The Huge Mara Hoffman Sample Sale Has $25 Bikini Separates

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Mara Hoffman's sample sale has arrived just in time for that muggy summer heat. We got a preview last night, and the steals here come in the form of swimwear that's up to $90 less than retail prices and tons of bold patterned ready-to-wear. The space is enormous and well stocked, and since the sale only lasts through tomorrow, you should come prepared with styles and sizes in mind.

The ready-to-wear styles near the entrance are current season looks. There's also towels and shoes (both for $40), two racks of kids' styles, and a small (but stunning) bridal section. We took note of a high-waisted flouncy skirt in navy misun print for $85 (was $198), a simple white linen crop top for $75 (was $139) and an embellished beige mesh jumpsuit fir $150 (was $297). In bolder colors, we liked a rainbow black palm print romper for $100 (was $242) and a teal jacquard front cutout dress for $125 (was $277).

When you step down to the main sales floor, try not to be overwhelmed. The center has several racks of swimsuits, including both bikinis and maillots. The walls are lined with racks of dresses, crop tops, skirts, and caftans, plus even more swimwear.

Among the clothes, we liked an embroidered tie back dress for $125 (was $275), a chiffon embroidered dress (also $125), and an open-back maxi dress with a bustier top for $150. Past seasons' looks brought cheaper finds, like a cobalt fringe shirt for $20, a long V-neck dress for $60, a linen romper for $30, and a patterned jacket for $50.

Bikini-wise, everything is between $30 and $40 per piece for tops and bottoms. We liked a rack full of basket weave bikini tops and matching bottoms that are $40 each (were $121 apiece). We also saw a taupe one-piece with a beaded neckline for $35. Sizes run for XS to L for most styles. Colorful caftans on the surrounding racks generally run from $50 to $125 (depending on past or present season). There are also two bins of bikini pieces for $25 each, which looked a little chaotic.

There's a dressing area in the back, so you can test out your summertime bounty and have internal debates with yourself (as we did) about just how many things you can fit in your bag without tossing out your wallet entirely, though it might be empty after you're done here anyway. Walk out dressed like the sunny mermaid beach queen you deserve to be after surviving the winter season—check the Dealfeed below for address and hours.