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How to Dress Like a French Girl: Wear Fur and Tights When It's 90 Degrees

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Today is very hot. Maybe—probably—the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures topping out at about 90 degrees. This, however, appears not to have been a factor that went into French fashion authority Carine Roitfeld's outfit decision-making process this morning, who stepped out of her Tribeca hotel wearing this:

We'll skip the ascot and housefly-esque snowboarder goggles to focus on the fact that not only is Carine Roitfeld wearing black tights, but also a rather toasty-looking calfskin mohair coat. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about French Girl dressing: the ability to withstand incredible heat is the only true path to demonstrating superiority over your sweaty, disgusting American friends.