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Prices Have Dropped at the Alice + Olivia Sample Sale

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We got word this morning that prices have been reduced at the Alice + Olivia sale, so we stopped by to check out the stock. Although sample prices haven't changed, the stock prices have dipped by up to $70 depending on the item's original price. The sample section has expanded onto the main floor, with fewer stock clothes left. Check out the gallery for more styles; see below for the new pricing breakdown.

For ready-to-wear, the new pricing runs from $29 up to $224. So those beaded and embellished tops we saw at the beginning of the sale are between $119 and $149 (originally $330 to $440). Dresses are now $89 to $209. We liked a ballerina dress for $202 (was $550), a long black and white skirt for $209 (was $898) and a botanical skirt for $209 (was $698).

The gowns that are left are mostly black and white, though the two-piece gown with leather trim we loved is now going for $209 (was $797). We also liked a gray ombre gown for $202 (was $597). Sizes still range from 0 to 12, but there are mostly 4's and 6's on the racks. The print trousers are now $89 (were $242), as are cargo capris (were $264), and peplum dresses (were $264). The sunset skirt is $119 (was $368) and purple satin shorts are $59 (were $187).

There are little to no leather dresses left in sight, nor the beautiful embellished jackets and coats we saw on Monday (but at $289 for $1,000 items, it's no surprise). We did see a lone size 6 layered black leather dress for $209 (was $898), and a cream leather jacket also for $209.

Sample clothes are the same prices as before, and all of the sample leather and beaded tops are long gone. We did see sample paint splatter pants for $39, yellow botanical shorts for $49, plenty of sweaters (like a sleeveless mint style for $49), and a few embroidered sample gowns (with varying degrees of damage) for $99.

Stock has certainly dwindled down for accessories, namely bags—with only a few shoulder bags ($109) and cross body bags ($99) left. Prices haven't changed for that section, so it's unlikely to happen in the next day or so. What's out now is it, so head over soon.