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You Can't Sneak Into Fendi and Tory Burch's Private Sales Right Now

A Fendi bag and Karlito pom in Milan.
A Fendi bag and Karlito pom in Milan.

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The Metropolitan Pavilion is chock full of designer goods right now because sales for Fendi and Tory Burch are taking place there this week, according to Mizhattan. But unfortunately, these sales are private, and security guards are strictly adhering to their RSVP lists—at least for now. The shopping blogger writes that tomorrow, the last day for both of these sales, is our best bet for both of them letting in not-very-important-people.

In case you plan on testing your luck tomorrow, here's what to expect, according to anonymous invited sources: At Fendi, their signature baguette bags are going for $200—$300, while 2Jours and 3Jours are $900 for leather and $4,000 for exotic skins (the catch? There's a one-bag limit). Flats top out at $150, and and accessories like scarves and sunglasses are going for $50—$100.

And one floor up at Tory Burch, where an employee ID is required for admittance, there's "primo quality merch you won't ever find on sale for dirt cheap like this. All shapes and sizes of bags are going for $35, jewelry is $10, and there's "loads of clothes" (prices not specified).

If either of these sales happen to go public in the next 36 hours, we'll be headed over there quickly—especially for those $35 bags.

Metropolitan Pavillion

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