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Where to Get Mile-Long Eyelash Extensions in NYC

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It's been said that if the eyes are the window to the soul, then eyelashes are the drapery—and a pretty set of drapery always highlights the view it's framing, so enter eyelash extensions. The beauty service once reserved for special occasions like wedding days has crept into everyday life, and more and more New York women are ditching mascara wands in favor of natural-looking falsies that last for weeks.

Want to know where to go? We've picked out seven of the Manhattan's best salons that specialize in extensions, broken down by price. Book an appointment and start perfecting your butterfly-kissing skills now.

Under $100


The Lash Loft

There are options at this salon that'll put prices into three digits, but you can plump up what you have with a half-set of lashes for a "Natural" look (as opposed to the flashier "Glamour") for $75. Upgrade your half-set to "Premium"—a silkier lash whose shape adheres better to your own lashes, and therefore lasts longer—for $100.

34 E 20th St, Suite 2, Flatiron

Rouge NY

Go just a little bolder with individual lash application for $15, adding a few pieces in key places to make it look like you've got much more going on than you actually do.

130 Thompson St, Soho

More than $100

Courtney Akai

In this pink-swathed studios helmed by a former makeup artist, pricing is set by how many lashes you're getting (half set, three-quarter set, full set) and the expertise of your lash specialist, which puts the cheapest option at $125 for a half-set with a junior specialist. These will be applied to the outer corners of your eyes, or fill in the spots along your lash line where there's any gaps.

Locations in Midtown East and Soho


Bling Lash

Pick out the "lash look" you're going for and just how curled they'll be, then choose the type of lash that'll be applied. Based on whether you're choosing real or faux mink, premium or regular silk, or fox, a basic new set of lashes will be $120 to $180.

108 W 14th St, Chelsea

Lash Power

Head here if you're ready to go semi-permanent—they use a glue that's a little bit stronger than most other salons. Prices range between $130 and $170.

122 W 20th St, #1e, Chelsea

Lash Touch

Your range of options here include between 80 and 130 lashes per eye in either silk or mink, which puts a new set of lashes between $120 and $180.

37 W 43rd St, Midtown


JJ Eyelashes

The top-rated salon with multiple locations around the city frequently has in-house specials and Groupon deals. The price will vary depending on which salon you go to, but expect to pay between $90 and $150 for the beginner "Ruby" set.

Locations on the Upper East Side, Midtown East, Garment District, and Soho

Additional reporting by Daise Bedolla