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Candles Are Dwindling at the Tocca Sample Sale

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Even though Tocca's sample sale only opened to the public late this morning, the selection of candles is already limited (blame the VIP crowds). Many of the larger standard candles are sold out—we only spotted the Violette scent in that size for $20 apiece. Small candles in standard fragrances are $10.

There were also some sample candles for $20 as well, in scents like Isabella, Bali, and Violette. There were more small sample candles than large, but not many: We spotted the Cleopatra, Florence, and Grace fragrances here. Seeing as Cleopatra and Grace are some of Tocca's most popular scents, we bet they won't last too long at these reduced prices.

Luckily, there's a wider selection of perfumes. The best varieties are found in the section of Aqua Profumata (only $10), which is a more lightweight perfume than the traditional Tocca Eau de Parfum ($45). Both types still have plenty left in the most popular scents (Cleopatra, Stella, and Florence).

In bath products, there's a small selection of body scrubs, but nothing left in body washes. The best bet (and largest selection) for hand creams and body lotions are in the travel sizes, or within gift sets located near the register.

For the clothing, the largest selection of ready-to-wear items are available in size 4. Great shorts are available in smaller sizes, while dresses have a greater range to select from. Some of the best items in the store were minimalist, like solid black and beige silk tops with simple yet elegant detailing.

Tops are $85, dresses are $125, and all shorts and skirts aree only $45. There was also a cute selection available for girls in the back room, with everything from bathing suits to coats for $15—$65. There was a decent array of shoes as well in many sizes, all marked down to only $30.

The sale runs through Friday,and you should plan on stopping by as long as you're not banking on restocking your candle collection. Check out the Dealfeed below for the hours and address.