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Shoshanna's Sample Sale Has $15 Swimsuit Separates, Sample Dresses for $50

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Women looking for affordable swimsuits, head to West 39th Street, stat. We checked out the Shoshanna sale this afternoon, where the focal point is the stock dresses, but the real steals are the $15 swim separates. Here's what we found.

The first racks in the center consist of sample clothing, with a lot of darker blues, blacks, and reds (so, more fall than summer). Sample dresses and coats are $50, tops are $35 and bottoms are $35. We saw a white pleated dress and a black and white dress with lace detail for $50, as well as a few tops and skirts, but only one or two coats.

Next is the stock swimsuit separates for $15 apiece—there are four racks, with all sizes mixed together. Styles run the gamut from halter tops and strapless bandeaus, to underwire-enforced tops and string bikinis. There are no try-ons for bathing suits, so you'll need to go in with a good eye for what will fit. There are also sample suits in two boxes by the bag check for only $10—the only issue is finding matching pieces. If you're only looking for a top or bottom, you're in luck.

Stock clothing consists of mostly dresses, as well as shirts and skirts and the occasional short or pant. Prices range from $65 up to $125, depending on the colored sticker on the tags. The warmer the color, the higher the price; blue is $65, green is $75, yellow is $85, orange is $100 and red is $125. Most of the tags we saw were $85, very few were $125, and there were a good amount of $65 and $75 items as well.

From most to least expensive, we loved an indigo suede dress for $125, a black eyelet overlay dress for $100, a nude sequin halter dress for $85, a white sleeveless dress with multicolor embroidery for $75, and a pair of navy and white lace shorts for $65. Sizes run from 0 to a 12 around the perimeter of the room, and we saw most styles represented in every section. The sale ends tomorrow at 5pm, see below for more details.