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Muji Just Can't Expand Fast Enough in New York City


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Muji is a go-to destination for tons of product categories: travel, organization, a cheap home upgrade, or even a pair of socks when you're really desperate—and in the coming months, Muji wants to come to you. According to WWD, the Japanese retailer has aggressive expansion plans in New York City: Following their fifth and largest Manhattan store opening across from the New York Public Library in October will be even more Muji across the borough and, eventually, Brooklyn.

"Hong Kong is a smaller land mass than Manhattan, but it has more stores," US president Asako Shimazaki told the publication, adding that "Brooklyn has big potential." She definitely isn't worried about overcrowding right now: "In Japan there's over 400 stores and outside Japan, over 200....Our sales are really healthy, and not only in new stores. Existing stores have new customers and traffic has increased."

As Muji is largely concentrated in the center of Manhattan, Shimazaki said the brand would look both uptown and downtown for new homes for its competitively-priced goods, along with other markets like Boston. And for those who have yet to discover the magic of Muji, they're ready to spread the word with targeted advertisements. "We're just starting to think of the future," she said, as the brand is ready to "[show] everybody what is Muji."

Muji Fifth Avenue

475 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA