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Ralph Lauren's Sample Sale: 70% Discounts, Surprise Club Monaco Shoes

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Update: As of Tuesday morning, prices have been reduced on all merchandise, though the sale host did not specify the markdown. Original discounts are reflected below and in the gallery.

This morning we stopped by Soiffer Haskin to check out Ralph Lauren's stacked sale, and there are many, many deals to be had. The space has a huge collection of men's and women's clothing, as well as women's shoes and accessories. Below, see the breakdown of pricing and stock (most of what we saw was a full 70% off retail). And please note that there were no photos allowed inside—hence the images pulled from various RL retailers.

When you enter, take a left and check out the corner for sunglasses ($95) and wallets and clutches (65% off retail). We saw plenty of Ricky wallets ($227, were $650) in multiple colors, as well as cat-eye and round shades.

Along the left-hand wall are women's clothing racks (all pieces are 70% off retail). They're arranged by size, and you'll find similar styles in every size section including a black viscose long sleeve dress for $598 (was $1,995), a white mesh button-down shirt for $229 (was $765), and a white wool and angora coat for $1,678 (was $5,595).

The first long table in the center of the showroom has women's knitwear, all 70% off retail. The most common colors are black and ivory for women's tops and sweaters, with a few tangerine, blue and red styles in the mix. They are also arranged by size, from small up to extra large, at the far end of the table. We noted a black cashmere and silk sweater for $118 (was $395), a black silk knit top for $109 (was $365), a white silk sweater for $140 (was $465) and a black zip merino wool sweater with lamb leather sleeves and a silk lining for $388 (was $1,295)

Club Monaco shoes and clothing are in the back left-hand corner (all 50% off). Shoe sizes range from 5.5 up to 10.5. We noted a few Jaime pumps for $164 (were $329), Erika pointed toe flats in rose gold for $115 (were $229) and a few Autumn booties in gray for $197 (were $395). Club Monaco clothes include jeans, a few tops, and plenty of the Emeline wraps in ivory and gray for $225 (were $449).

There is a separate shoe section on one of the tables for Ralph Lauren styles, which range from size 6 to 10.5 and are 65% off retail price. We noted Leetal sandals for $227 (were $650), Galessa loafers in bordeaux for $243 (were $695), and plenty of red and black Quintessa quilted loafers for $192 (were $550). Amongst the accessories, we saw a few bins of women's belts (also 65% off).

Handbags are fairly plentiful, with everything from limited edition leather dog carriers going for $975 (were $1,950) to smaller basic totes for $313 (were $895). We noted a large equestrian tote in chocolate for for $438 (was $1,250), an olive green leather duffle (also $438), both small and medium Ricky satchels ($612 and $682, respectively), and a bold scarlet grommet bag for $438 (was $1,250). Random item of note: a metallic gold trolley case, was $3,750 going for $1,312. If that's your travel style.

There is far more men's clothing than women's, and all of it is 70% off retail. At the very back of the room there are bins full of men's RRL denim, from size 28/29 up to a 40, for $102 (originally $340). Fits included slim, slim narrow, low straight and straight leg. Men's RRL button-down casual shirts are $55 to $75 (originally $185 to $250), and run from small to XXL.

On the tables are stacks of men's Purple and Black Label sport shirts for $105 to $135. These come in black and brown, but also pink, lavender, peach, teal and yellow for spring and summer. Men's sweaters and knits run from $89 to to $298 (were $295 to $995) depending on the material. Men's ties are around $60 (down from over $200).

Purple and Black Label pants, shorts, and sport coats are all 70% off, as are full suits. Men's outerwear, including leather jackets, is now priced from $570 to $750 (instead of $1,900 to $2,495). We saw a quilted Grand Prix coat for $298 (was $995).

The sale will not be restocked so get there soon to grab your sizes and styles.