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Bravo's Sitcom About Upper East Side Moms Premieres Next Week


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What do you do when the world already has enough television shows about fictional young Brooklynites and real Upper East Side housewives? Combine the two and make a sitcom about fictional moms! In what is only a small part of the mounting evidence that America can literally not get enough of super-rich Upper East Siders, Bravo will debut the half-hour sitcom Odd Mom Out next week.

Loosely based on creator and leading star Jill Kargman's 2007 novel Momzillas, Odd Mom Out focuses on Jill Weber: A brunette, leather jacket-wearing Jewish woman who marries into a sea of WASP-y blondes in pastel Chanel—you get the idea.

Topics, according to the trailer, include the carb-shaming that ensues when a waiter places a basket of bread on the table of a group of women, threateningly hot babysitters, facials made from stem cells, and tone-deaf but well-meaning charities (Weber's sister-in-law, played by SNL alum Abby Elliott works for New Yorkers Against Childhood Obesity, which she pronounces "nacho," because "the y is silent"). As familiar as these topics are to anyone tuned in with What the Rich People Are Doing, we'll most likely be watching come Monday, June 8th (G&T in hand).