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Of Course Eva Chen Started an Instagram Account for Instagram Backdrops


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Ex-Lucky EIC Eva Chen already has a pose associated with her name, an Instagram account for her infant, and now, another feather for her overflowing social media cap: A new account devoted to finding the best walls in NYC to use as Instagram backdrops.

Though it's only been active since May 28th, @Photogenicwalls already has nearly 1,000 followers, thanks to a post on Eva Chen's own account, captioned with "PS! I started a new Instagram account called @photogenicwalls. It's a feed of all the best walls to shoot against in NYC":

A photo posted by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

Where are all these photogenic walls? So far, there's a parking lot on Wooster Street, heart-shaped graffiti on Mott and Kenmare, and a building lobby on Third Avenue. If you suddenly see gaggles of amateur photographers around these parts, you'll know who to thank.