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The Christian Louboutin Sample Sale Starts at Some Point Next Week


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Sidling up with next week's Manolo Blahnik sample sale is Christian Louboutin's, supposedly. Local blogs say that invites just went out for the notoriously private event that'll take place at 307 West 38th Street, Suite 501, indicating that it's taking place in their offices rather than behind some papered windows. Unless, of course, this address is a decoy, like their infamous sign.

However, the true start date is elusive. Mizhattan writes that Wednesday, May 13th is reserved for VIPs and friends and family, while May 14th is open to all invitees (emphasis on that last word). Meanwhile, Madison Avenue Spy claims that invited shoppers can get in beginning Tuesday, May 12th and shop daily from 8am to 6pm through Thursday.

Either way, your chances of getting in the door without an invite is super slim, as the brand has ceased opening its doors to the public in the final hours (if they even have final hours at all). So now's the time to start cozying up to that friend whose cousin's roommate's ex-boyfriend's brother knows someone at Louboutin—or just focus your efforts on the feast of other sample sales in the coming weeks.