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Backstock Is Dwindling at the Sandro Sample Sale

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Update: As of Friday morning, all merchandise is an additional 20% off. All tees are now $30 and all denim is now $40. Original discounts are reflected below.

We checked in on the Sandro sale at 260 Sample Sale this morning, and it looks like today will be the last day of plentiful sizes in the clothing section. Bags were nowhere to be seen, as we predicted. Scarves and belts are nearly all that remains for accessories. Here’s a breakdown of what we saw, so you know what you’re getting into.

Men’s clothes are still well-stocked, with plenty of trousers ($95, originally $305—$390) and denim pants ($70), as well as sweaters (very popular) and suit jackets. We saw striped sweaters for $85 (were $275), plenty of reversible jackets for $195 (originally $910) and lots of sizes in most outerwear styles (like the $195 Harrington, down from $625). For men’s shoes, very few options remain—there are mostly black dress shoes ($125 down from $500).

Women’s shoes (all $125) still have a good spread of sizes, but the stacks have certainly shrunk since Tuesday. Most of the scarves that remain are kelly green ($40, originally $235), and there are a few trays of belts left over ($50). The last of the swimsuits (all size 3) are in a bin nearby, still at $25 per piece.

The ladies' clothing section, in contrast, is still chock full, but size 3 tops and dresses (equivalent to a M/L) and size 36 pants dominate. (Although, overall, we did see sizes 1—3 and 28—40.) Dresses are still $95 (originally $320—$390). The best steals are still the $250 leather jackets—we saw plenty of stock for the black leather (was $950) and the white leather (was $775) styles. Blazers—such as a black lace number for $175 (was $425) and a white and black blazer for $175 (was $480)—are (relatively) plentiful.

Backstock depends on the item, but for the most part everything is out. Certain colors and patterns have clearly been more popular than others; we noted a coral top ($75, was $235), flower print pants for $80 (were $315) and a black sweater for $85 (was $375) that are still sticking around.

No word on price reductions yet, but there’s a distinct possibility of that for tomorrow and Saturday. We’ll keep you posted.