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We're in Line! Outside the Marc Jacobs Sample Sale! And Someone Brought a Puppy!

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We thought we had the May sample sale calendar all figured out until Marc Jacobs threw us a curve ball earlier this week by announcing his plans to host the brand's first-ever public sample sale. Racked New York associate editor Rebecca Jennings is live on the scene, watching the madness unfold.

9:09 - I'm here! I'm at a point in the line RIGHT where the shade ends and the line begins. It is unbearable. I'd say there are about 40 people in front of me.

9:10 - The woman who got in line behind me is like "I CANNOT TAKE THIS," in a French accent.

9:13 - Everyone is eyeing my iced coffee. I've never felt so popular.

9:14 - Shoutout to the girl wearing giant stilettos who's in the first 20.

9:18 - I have joined the French woman in the shade. I too cannot take zees.

9:21 - There is a puppy. Someone brought a puppy.

9:24 - Just asked the first people in line when they got here. Not super early surprisingly, just 8am.

9:30 - There are at least 80 people in line now.

9:33 - One girl has a Sandro bag. Is she sample sale hopping?!

9:34 - Marc Jacobs at Marc Jacobs.

9:40 - Line has almost reached DVF.

9:52 - Gettin REAL toasty over here in the sun. If I get nothing else at the sale, I will most definitely be getting a sunburn.

9:55 - Five minutes to go and no sign of life at the door.

9:56 - Spoke too soon. A guy with a headset just walked in. WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

9:57 - Lotta suits coming outside now.

9:58 - And the line is down to Fred Perry (almost to Prince Street).

10:02 - The line is moving because people are antsy, not because we're getting in.

10:03 - JK, people are being let in!


10:07 - This chick is getting piiiiiissed about some line cutters. She went to go speak to the doorman.

10:08 - Now she went back to yell at the cutter for the second time. Didn't work. Life is rough.

10:09 - Bout to go in!

Stay tuned for our full Marc Jacobs sample sale report!