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NYC's Super Rich Deeply Butthurt Over de Blasio Skipping Their Parties

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When he's not being notably late for stuff (hey, it's the subway!), Mayor de Blasio is busy not attending anything at all—at least according to NYC's celebrity-slash-philanthropist community, who, according to WSJ, are apparently deeply offended by the fact that the de Blasios sent in their regrets to this year's Met Gala.

Mr. de Blasio, said one high-profile publicist, has "disdain for the striving, successful New Yorkers and I have been told by insiders that he always listens to his wife, who also has disdain for the accomplished," adding, "They have made themselves socially irrelevant. It is a major shortcoming not to mingle with all classes."

The perceived snubs are in stark contrast to the Bloombergs, who "were a fixture on the black-tie circuit," according to the paper. We're pretty sure the wider fashion community isn't too upset, however—in his tenure as mayor, de Blasio's already thrown his support into local fashion production and invested millions into a new incubator in Sunset Park.