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Chaise Fitness, Like Everyone Else, Is Taking a Seat in the Financial District

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The Financial District must be looking to snatch the title of Fittest Neighborhood from Flatiron. Up next in its studio roster: ChaiseFitness. An opening date hasn't been announced by the studio—which leads workouts that fuse Pilates, aerobics, and ballet elements with the use of the least relaxing chair out there and bungee cords from the ceiling—but this Instagram shows that the new location at 180 Maiden Lane is in the works.

That's just down the street from a Soulcycle studio and near newbies like BFX Studio, not to mention forthcoming gyms like Pure Barre joining indie studios like Karen Lord Pilates and Drill Fitness. We're guessing it won't be long before we're seeing financial titans trading in suits for spandex.


180 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038, USA