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An Even Cheaper Forever 21 Is Coming to Brooklyn

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Brian Harkin
Brian Harkin

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Forever 21 has done the impossible and created an even cheaper version of their already-extremely-cheap stores. It's called F21 Red, and after debuting in California last year, it's officially coming to NYC in the form of not one, but two outposts in Brooklyn and Queens.

In Brooklyn, the brand will return to its former home of DoBro by the end of the year, this time inside 40,000 square feet of 490 Fulton Street. The Queens F21 Red opened this weekend at Flushing's SkyView center, joining UniqloNordstrom Rack, and that Nike clearance store.

What might one find inside an F21 Red? Our sister site in LA noted $7.80 denim for women and girls, $3.80 T-shirts and tanks for men, and $5.80 leggings in plus sizes. The real question is: how much can you walk out with for $20? Answer: Too much.

Forever 21

Fulton Street Mall, 490 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA