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Night of 1000 Stevies: 40+ Snaps from the Annual Stevie Nicks Costume Ball

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If Stevie Nicks ever felt like going incognito, Night of 1000 Stevies—the annual blowout where Nicks superfans dust off their blond wigs and tambourines and lip synch to "Rhiannon"—would be the place to do it. She's even said as much, telling Out magazine last year, "One day I'm going to show up, and they are not going to know it, because I'm going to be dressed as the best Stevie ever. I will be unrecognizably fantastic until I go up on stage and take the mic and burst into ‘Edge of Seventeen' and blow everyone away."

Real Stevie didn't hijack the mic when we stopped by Night of 1000 Stevies at New York City's Irving Plaza this weekend, but that's not to say she wasn't mingling with the crowd. See if you can spot her in the sea of fringed shawls, tattered lace, fingerless gloves, and (faux) white winged doves.