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This Manhattan Anti-Spa Is the Blowout Bar of Facials

Driely S.

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"We want to take the facial out of the spa and into people's lives," said Michael Pollak, the cofounder and chief brand officer for Heyday, Manhattan's newest skincare destination at 1130 Broadway in Nomad. After months of research spent figuring out how we're going about this beauty necessity all wrong—putting it up on the "spa day" pedestal and shelling out hundreds on special occasions and birthdays—the Heyday team put together the simplest menu possible with just two treatment options, bookable online or via app (because millenials).

So that you never have to look up what an "oxygen facial" does ever again, Heyday offers two types of customizable treatments: A 30-minute session for $60 or a 50-minute session for $95. You can discuss what you're trying to work on with your skincare therapist (like getting rid of a pesky dry spot, or figuring out how to finally cure your hormone-triggered breakouts), and also let them make treatment recommendations based on "what they see on skin when they analyze," Pollak explained. "We have great skincare therapists to give you the advice you need and be your sherpa."

They also have great hours: Heyday is open from 7am to 10pm, making it easy to pop in for an appointment before work, in conjunction with picking up lunch at Sweetgreen, or after a post-work Soulcycle session. "Nomad was our ideal for a first location just because there's so much happening," Pollak said. "It's just a great crossroads of people that work here and live here."

In front of the treatment rooms that each consist of an adjustable bed-chair hybrid, trays for jewelry, and phone chargers is a mini-boutique consisting of a dozen skincare product lines—Supergoop, Naturopathica, Grown Alchemist, and Harry's among them (yep, they cater to men, too). Skin therapists will send a follow-up email recommending products to help you create "your ideal routine at you don't have to be overwhelmed with taking notes after your treatment," Pollak added. "It's these small tweaks [in routine] that make the biggest difference."

Heyday's official opening date is June 1st, but can book an appointment or become a member right now.


1130 Broadway, New York, NY 10010 (212) 228-3358