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Salt Room Yoga: Now a Thing


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Yes, yes, we know: All the cool kids are doing yoga in weird places. A 'salt chamber,' is not only weird, it's a thing we didn't even realize existed. As it turns out, however, 'salt chamber' is basically a fancier way of saying 'salt room,' a thing that definitely already exists. But salt room yoga? That's new.

Well + Good reports that Breathe Easy, a midtown halotherapy spa, just debuted Salty Yoga at their Park Avenue location, where during a 50-minute class ($25), you and five others will practice breathing-focused yoga over six inches of salt crystals.

"Most people don't know how to breathe efficiently and effectively," co-founder Ellen Patrick told the publication. "It's meant to help people breathe better by bringing an awareness to the breath, paired with the full benefits of salt therapy."

What's it like? Writer Jamie McKillop tested out Salty Yoga, and said that while some of the salt sticks to your hands, the smell is amazing:

The salt on the floor didn't stick to my socks, although when I picked up the salt lamps (for a photo, of course), it got all over my hands (like eating a pretzel?). When the halogenerator started, it had no scent, but after a few minutes I could taste the salt in the air. Not going to lie, I was into that.

Another thing to note: Your pet will lick you a lot afterwards.

Breathe Easy

1 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016 (917) 400-7258