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The 3.1 Phillip Lim Sample Sale Ran Out of Pashli Bags

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What's left at the 3.1 Phillip Lim sample sale after Day One Decimation? Stop here if you're looking for Pashli bags, because there's none left. Shoes are dwindling down to the last sizes available, too. But there's still a few good items for brand fans to find here, especially in apparel.

In the women's section, there were lots of one-off tanks, tops, and skirts. Sizes still generally range from 2 to 8 (and small to large), but it's luck-of-the-draw whether the style you want happens to be your size. Jackets and pants are more plentiful—likely because they had more backstock—so sizes aren't a problem for these items in leather, denim, and silk.

Some favorites include a drop-shoulder cropped sweatshirt in copper for $300, a flared peplum skirt for $350 (was $875), and a pintucked scout shirt with raffa embroidery for $150 (was $595). For dresses, we saw a dandelion dress in midnight for $400 (was $650), and a pintuck waist short sleeve dress with a beaded neckline for $175 (was $525). There was also a double breasted tuxedo jacket in both pink and black for $175 (was $695).

Women's shoes are mostly size 37—39 now. Some of our favorites today were a Berlin high chain heel boots for $100 (were $650), a chain ankle strap high heel (were $525), and Lyon buckle sneakers (were $345).

The men's section has been replenished, with all sizes of a fur collared moto jacket for $500 (was $2,500), a pullover with a pixelated horse print for $150 (was $1,049), and a quilted western shirt jacket for $300. Men's shoes ($100) include sizes 41 to 45, with denim lace-up boots and denim oxfords among the offerings.

And, last but not least, the remaining bags (as in not Pashlis). We saw large 31 Hour bags ($450) in glacier and white, medium Ryder satchels ($300) in denim and brown, and a few mini Ryder satchels ($200) in blue, hot pink and black. The floral duffle is still available, as are the 31 Hour ziparound backpacks.

As for There are plenty of 31 Minute bags ($200) and 31 Minute cosmetic zips. The large Pashli wallet in mandarin ($100) and the black 31 card case ($75) are still on hand.

Trying to head to this Pashli-less sale before it wraps up on Friday? See the remaining hours in the Dealfeed below.