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Everything We Found at Flying Tiger, NYC's Cutest (and Cheapest) New Store

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Flying Tiger
Flying Tiger

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The store that promised to sell us moustache-shaped sponges and old-timey bicycle horns is finally here: This Saturday, the Denmark-based Flying Tiger opened its first-ever U.S. store at Broadway and 21st Street, and it's every bit as cute—and perhaps even cheaper—than we expected.

Among the maze-like shelves of googly-eye notebooks, flamingo cocktail stirrers, and French fry wrapping paper, there are also plenty of actual necessities, like socks, bottle openers, dishware, and office supplies—our sister site Curbed has photos from inside the store. And even though we were told that about 90% of Flying Tiger's products are under $10, most items topped out around $5—yes, really.

Here's what the Racked New York team found on our visit last Friday (Light-up bunny? Sure! Cactus pen? Yup! So-ugly-it's-kind-of-cute translucent pink visor? WE'LL TAKE THEM ALL!!)

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Flying Tiger Copenhagen

920 Broadway, New York, NY 10010