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You've Got Until 9pm to Shop the Chloe Sample Sale—Here's What's Inside

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Considering yesterday's unbelievably long line, imagine our surprise upon finding literally nobody waiting to get into the much-anticipated Chloé sample sale this morning. Though staff tells us there was a decent amount of people waiting when the doors opened, when we arrived around 10am (and even when we left around 11am) the sale was wait-free. And while you've only got until 9pm before it closes, we highly recommend making a post-work drop-by.

If you're solely here for the bags, stay on the first floor and head towards your left—that's where you'll find a wide variety of medium-sized Chloé bags (there's lots of Charlottes for $895), mostly in the $1,000 range, and up to $2,150 for a particularly extravagant fur variety.

In general, there's a huge discrepancy in pricing among Chloé and See By Chloé—bags for the latter top out at $150 (though there aren't many), and there are tons of mod sundresses, silky tops, and pants for $49 to $95.

Chloé apparel, located upstairs, is mostly priced between $300 and $800 and includes prim bermuda shorts in a rainbow of colors, long demure evening gowns, a handful of coats and outerwear, and ruffled dresses. Stock is quite similar to what you'll find on the Barneys Warehouse site right now, albeit at an even lower price.

Like we said, you've got until 9pm tonight, and if you can duck out of work early to avoid the inevitable rush, do so!


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