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The Figue and Ramy Brook Sample Sale Has Loads of Fancy Caftans, Spring Leather

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Clothingline is having a multi-brand sale for the next few days, with pieces from Pam & Gela, Figue, Ramy Brook, Mar y Sol, and Generation Love. There are plenty of sizes to go around, and a huge variety of price points from all the labels involved.

Pam & Gela clothes are to the left of the entrance. Prices range from $89 for blouses and tops to $435 for a pale blue leather biker jacket, and $450 for a similar style in fringed suede. Sweaters, dresses, pants and skirts are between $100 and $200.

Next is a small section of Figue apparel, priced from $55 to $150 (for items that retail for over $600). We saw a Figue Pia dress with puka shells for $125 (was $1,400), a beaded white tux shirt for $65 (was $795), a navy Phillippa dress for $85 (was $695), and a printed Calla top for $65 (was $695). There are also a few stacks of pom pom flats in sizes 6 through 10 for $50.

The tables in the center have loads of Mar y Sol totes ($35) and bags ($40), as well as hats ($35) are in the right hand corner. The back of the room has several racks full of Kokun clothes with prices designated by stickers, all $40 to $65.

Generation Love samples are all between $35 (for tees and tops) and $60 (for jackets). We saw a tie-dye sweater for $45, a shirt dress for $45, and a grey sample moto jacket for $60. Stock items are pricier—tees start at $60, while jackets are $125.

Apres by Ramy Brook clothing is 50% off the listed price, while all regular Ramy Brook prices are as noted. Tops (including blouses and sweaters) run from $75 to $95, bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants) are $115 to $125, rompers are $115, dresses are $145, and jumpsuits are $165. We liked a leather Ramy Brook jacket for $325 (was $795), cobalt blue Apres by Ramy Brook pants for $68, and a Ramy Brook black and ivory sleeveless blouse for $75 (was $325).

Stock is all out, since the sale only goes through Wednesday evening. All sizes (small, medim, and large) were well represented when we stopped in today, but expect that to change going into tomorrow. Figue is the smallest section with the biggest discounts, so get in early if you're interested.