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New York City's Best New Salon Is Justin Bobby's Apartment


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If anyone on The Hills deserves eternal happiness, it's man bun pioneer and sayer of things like, "I think truth and time tells all" Justin Bobby. But while co-stars Lauren Conrad and Spencer Pratt found their niches—she in using perfect pink Instagram filters, he in shouting into reality TV cameras—Justin Bobby's whereabouts remained a mystery. UNTIL NOW.

According to a video by Us Weekly, the now 33-year-old is living in Manhattan and owns his own hair-styling-slash-hair-product business, Brush Your Hair, out of his (rather gorgeous) loft. Apparently, while we were busy fixating on Lauren Conrad's egregiously non-waterproof mascara, Bobby was practicing his skills—in fact, the first Hills scene he ever shot was of him cutting Audrina's hair, although the footage never made it on the show.

You can watch the video here, where it's also revealed that he's currently in a two-man band called Bobby Rock. BOBBY ROCK.

Never change, Justin Bobby.

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