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Almost Everything is Under $200 at the Band of Outsiders Sale

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We got a preview of Band of Outsiders' sample sale last night (located in the back of the brand's Soho store), and here's our main takeaway: shoppers should stop by early since many items are one-offs.

Men's shoes ($150) and a pile of men's sample shoes ($75) are directly to you left as you walk in. The men's clothing section is also on the left, starting with three large racks of button-down shirts ($75) all between sizes 1 and 3 (extra-small to medium). Blazers are $150, black tux-stripe and navy tailored trousers are $100, and men's shorts are $50. Boxes on a table in the center have more packaged button-down shirts, as well as ties and bow ties ($45), and polos and tees ($50). Men's outerwear, along the edge of the room, is priced as marked. We saw a rain coat for $450 (was $1,995) and a pea coat for $400.

Expect the women's section to be picked over quickly. Dresses are $100 and mostly one-off styles; we noted a rose print boatneck dress and a silk leopard drawstring dress. Blazers ($100) are also mostly one-offs, like a red and white pinstripe style (was $450) and a brown corduroy blazer. For outerwear, we spotted a cobalt leather anorak for $400 (was $1,595), an oxblood leather jacket for $200, and a few fur coats for $500. Pants are $75, as are sweaters and button-down shirts for women. There's a similar spread of sizes 1 to 3, or extra small to medium, and pants and skirts run from a 1 up to a 5.

The center table is crowded with accessories, from duffel bags ($50), totes ($25) and coin purses ($15) to hats ($20) and beach towels ($25). There are many true samples here, especially amongst the shoes. But, just to warn you, they're all a bit scuffed. So if you're up for refurbishing some Manolos, have at it. Otherwise there are $150 stock loafers and saddle shoes (originally $575-$700) in good condition for $150. Women's sizes are mostly 37s, but range from 36.5 to 39. Men's shoes run from 41 up to a 45.

The boxes of stock underneath the racks are messy, so if you have a good amount of time you should sift through and see what you discover. The sale goes through Saturday evening.