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The Bonpoint Sample Sale's Worth a Trip if Your Kid's Above the Age of Three

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The Bonpoint sample sale starts at 9am today at Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. We were there yesterday at the preview, and unlike past pre-sale events, Tuesday's was quaint and quiet. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that Bonpoint staggered the VIP invites, assigning time slots based on how big a VIP you are, but in any event, it wasn't at all a stressful experience.

Keep in mind that there didn't seem to be as much merch as usual, but the discount's the same—60% off retail, so the prices are still pretty decent.

If your kid's a size two, don't even bother showing up—what few pieces they had are definitely gone by now. But if your children are older, like six, seven, or eight, it's definitely worth the trip, especially if they still need clothing for spring—you'll find really cute things.

For bigger girls there are denim shorts, airy floral tops, and amazing dresses. Expect to pay about $85 for a floral top and dress, $118 for a denim jumpsuit, and $56 for cutoff shorts. The boys' selection includes shorts in an array of colors for around $52, blazers and light jackets for around $115, and cute graphic tees for around $30.

The swim and accessories table for the girls is pretty unbelievable—you'll find things like beach bags that you'd want for yourself for $125, beach fedoras for $48, teeny bikinis for $40, and pretty little headbands for $16.

The shoe selection is still fairly large, with styles like a pair of espadrille sandals for $115, cowboy booties for $120, and derby boots for $112.

If you're an adult Bonpoint fan, you'll be happy to know that there's an unusually large amount of YAM and Women's clothing this year, and it includes pieces from Innamorato (Bonpoint's womens brand). Expect to pay about $140 for a pair of bright pink jeans, and $82 for a blouse.

The sale runs until Thursday evening, but the sooner you get there the better, since they never restock. And if you don't see what you're looking for, hang out at the sorting tables like a lost puppy—perhaps somebody will throw you a bone.