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Brooklyn Is Getting Another Fancy Rock Climbing Gym


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Along with a Starbucks, Bushwick is getting another fancy suburban amenity: its very own rock climbing gym. Bushwick Daily reports that New England-based chain MetroRock Climbing will set up shop at 321 Starr Street sometime next spring.

"Bushwick is a great market," a MetroRock representative told the publication. "The NYC population is underserved as far as rock climbing goes."

Along with a 45-foot-tall climbing wall, the 23,000-square-foot center will also feature a bouldering field, separate rooms for yoga, event spaces, and a gear shop. Though they haven't revealed the full price list, the Boston location offers an adult day pass for $22 with an extra $10 for equipment—a few bucks cheaper than Brooklyn Boulders' rate of $28 per day and $11 for equipment.

MetroRock Climbing

321 Starr Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA