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Congratulations, Bushwick: You're Getting a Starbucks!


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Well done, Bushwick! iTunes singles graveyard Starbucks has deemed you worthy of one of their cafés-slash-jazz CD distribution centers! You've made it!

Technically, however, Ridgewood is getting a Starbucks—it'll be on the border of the two neighborhoods, directly below the Myrtle-Wyckoff L and M stops, DNAinfo reports. It'll share an address with Planet Fitness, and is near a KFC, a Duane Reade, and a CVS.

Despite the fact that the neighborhood has already been overrun by chains, if it's anything like the last two Brooklyn Starbucks openings, we've got weeks of hipster-pandering yarn art, tittilating Community Board rejections of liquor licenses, anti-Starbucks petitions, and comparisons to Space Ninety 8 ahead of us. In a few years, however, we'll all just be able to demand frappuccinos be delivered to our doorsteps.


3-29 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA