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Brooklyn Moms, Do You Know Where Your Preschooler Is? (Probs with Lindsay Lohan)

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Hey cool Brooklyn parents, just one question real quick: Do you know where your preschooler is? If they currently attend the Duffield Children's Center in Fort Greene, there's like, a 90% chance they're under the supervision of noted good decision-maker Lindsay Lohan. But it's totally fine, don't worry about it!

The Daily News reports that Lohan was ordered by an LA judge to complete 125 hours of community service by May 28th after only logging nine hours and 45 minutes of the community service she was ordered to complete in 2012 as part of a reckless driving case. So for the next month, she'll be hanging out with your children, but it's seriously cool, guys; she's definitely not teaching them how to shoplift candy bars from bodegas or anything.