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One Thing You Have to Do at the New Whitney, According to Michelle Obama


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The new, relocated Whitney Museum opened today in the Meatpacking District, and it's already sparked the creation of a designer handbag, an arty Bloomingdale's shopping tote, and a likening to a "prodigiously misassembled" Ikea product. But for Michelle Obama, who spoke at yesterday's ribbon-cutting ceremony, the best thing about the Whitney is not the building, nor even the art inside. It's the elevators!

When asked to describe a brief tour, Obama replied, "This is the most beautiful freight elevator I've ever ridden on," adding, "Just about every space in this museum is magnificent." If you're planning to check out the museum on its first Saturday (and you should, it's free!) and have only got a tiny bit of time to spare, heed the First Lady's advice and skip the Edward Hoppers and Roy Lichtensteins for a ride on that beautiful, glorious freight elevator.