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Flying Drone Unleashes Wrath, Spray Paint, on Kendall Jenner Billboard

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Being a Kardasho-Jenner puts you in the line of fire for a lot of things: crazy paparazzi, crazier fans—and now, drones. Graffiti artist Katsu attached a can of spray paint to a Phantom drone to tag the Calvin Klein billboard on Houston Street featuring Kendall Jenner, according to Wired (he even filmed the whole thing, too).

"It turned out surprisingly well," he told the publication, before cheerfully (their word) adding, "It's exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism." Wired pointed out that the massive size of the billboard would make it difficult for others to reach as high up as Jenner's face by traditional methods: it can't be climbed, and a device like a cherry picker isn't really that feasible when you might need to run from the cops at a moment's notice.

Jenner has yet to publicly comment on the tagging, which took place Wednesday night. She had admired her own billboard just last week:

But if she's not going to say anything about it, her fans certainly will. "That's so sh*tty that someone ruined your first billboard!" one comment on the Instagram reads. "You worked so hard to get where you are. That so called 'graffiti' artist didn't even do any sort of graffiti! Just trying to get famous of [sic] you Kendall. Anyway.. Stay strong. Clearly people are jealous of your success. @kendalljenner xox."

Yes, Kendall: Stay strong in these difficult times.