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First Rule of Amal's Columbia Class: Don't Talk About Amal's Columbia Class

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Majestic justice warrior Amal Clooney has been a guest lecturer at Columbia Law School for a few weeks now, but you won't hear anyone talking about it—in a New York Times Styles piece published today, it was revealed that the university has imposed a gag order on her students.

While passersby were attempting to peek at her through a sliver of glass outside Classroom 103 of Warren Hall (take note, Columbia and Barnard kids), one anonymous student told a reporter, "We are under strict orders not to discuss her or anything about her class," while another reporter was asked to leave by a rep from the school. Looks like we'll never know what goes on inside Amal's Columbia class, though we can only assume it involves super-secret tips on how to rock a mink fur baseball cap.