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Karlie Kloss Announces Coding Scholarship, Names It #KodeWithKarlie


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After teaming up with Milk Bar to create Karlie's Kookies, Karlie Kloss has found another alliterative addition to her resume: the #KodeWithKarlie program. After taking a two-week coding class with the Flatiron School last summer, she's now offering 20 high school girls a scholarship to attend the very same program.

The full-time course introduces students to software engineering through Ruby, a coding language that's used to create apps. And at the end of the two weeks, they'll have the tools to create one of their very own.

Here's the introductory video:

To apply, current high school girls ages 13 to 18 must create a 30-to-90-second video like the one above (no pressure or anything), and explain why they want to learn to code—find the application here. You've got 'til May 1!