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Lilly Pulitzer for Target: Where To Find It, What to Buy

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Lilly Pulitzer for Target lookbook
Lilly Pulitzer for Target lookbook

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Since it was announced this January, the Target's forthcoming collab with Lilly Pulitzer has sparked some rather intense feels among brand diehards—said one Twitter user with an evidently blessed life, "Lilly Pulitzer collaborating with Target is probably the worst news I will get in all of 2015."

But for those of us in NYC, where sightings of pastel Lilly dresses are relatively rare (although preppy New Yorkers do exist), the response has been far more akin to, "It's not totally my style, but I bet it'll do really well."

Despite Lilly Pulitzer's Palm Beach-meets-Martha's Vineyard aesthetic, even New York girls with the blackest wardrobes can find something to love in the 250-piece collection—let's face it, those pineapple dishes are downright adorable—200 of which cost less than $30 apiece. Here's your guide to getting your hands on some of those pillows, candles, hammocks (yup), nail polishes, straw fedoras, swimwear, and of course, garden party-appropriate sheath dresses.

Where to Shop It

Target tells us that every single store in the New York area (Atlantic Terminal and East Harlem included) will carry the entire range of the collection—at least everything that's not an online exclusive. That means no women's plus-size (yes, we know—a huge bummer), certain swimwear and dresses, and select girls' pieces. To see if a product you've been eyeing is online-only, head here.

The good news is that nearly all of the home goods—blankets, dishes, beach towels, chairs, pillows, the wine bucket, and even that hammock—will be available IRL. Beauty products, including the L'Oreal lipsticks and Essie nail polishes, as well as the makeup bags, turbans, hair ties, and nail files, will also be shoppable in stores.

When to Go

Check your local store for specific hours, but the collection will be available at every NYC-area Target starting Sunday, April 19th. For most locations, (including Atlantic Terminal and East Harlem) that means 8am.

There is, however, a way to get your hands on the collection even earlier—next Thursday, April 16th, Bryant Park will be transformed into a "Lilly Resort," where from 8am to 6pm, there'll be a juice bar, ping-pong, a manicure station, and the entire, shoppable collection. Chances are the event will be completely packed with Lilly diehards, however, so we recommend calling in late to work that day.

What to Buy

What strikes your fancy among the 250 items in the collection depends wholly on your comfort with ultra-preppy prints and motifs (like pastel fishes and bedazzled giraffes). However, when we saw the collection firsthand, we were most impressed by the sturdiness of the dresses (less-so by the flimsy caftans), the cute barware, high-waisted shorts, jumpsuits, and sandals.

How Much You Can Buy—and When You Can Return It

Like most of Target's designer collabs, the rules for returning items are a bit different than their usual policy. While there'll be no limit on how many items you can buy, you only have 14 days to return them (as opposed to Target's normal 90-day return policy).