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Matching Your Eyebrows to Your Tan: A Thing That People Are Doing Now

Driely S.
Driely S.

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Okay, so you've got your tan on—are you now worried that your eyebrows don't match your newly glowing skin? Probably not. But just in case you are, Blink Brow Bar has the solution: The "Sunkissed Color Code Service" that's now available at its Saks Fifth Avenue salon.

The company says that while your hair gets lighter and your skin gets darker from prolonged sun exposure, your brow color stays the same. So they've enlisted hair colorists to work with their "specially trained therapists" to mix up to 50 different shades and create the most natural-looking brow for your new summer color palette, whether that comes from multiple beach trips or seasonal highlights.

Prices start at $30, which is the same cost as their regular tint service. It's also worth noting that Blink Brow Bar is a UK-based company, and this service is only available at its sole stateside outpost—because when you think of Brits, you don't exactly think of bronzed skin.

Saks Fifth Avenue

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