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Anne Hathaway Is That Person Using Giant Umbrellas on Beautiful Days

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If you've ever walked around New York City on a particularly beautiful day and suddenly, inexplicably, you see someone carrying an umbrella, congratulations! There's a chance you've just successfully located actress Anne Hathaway, who was spotted on both Tuesday (left) and the even sunnier Wednesday carrying a giant sunbrella.

Like their snowbrella cousins, sunbrellas are generally despised among New Yorkers, if only for their total lack of justification (just use a hood! or a hat! or sunscreen!). This, however, does not seem to deter Hathaway, though the question remains: Why? What could she possibly be hiding under that egregiously eggshell blue sunbrella? Or is it just the opposite, and she's in fact announcing her presence on the streets of New York, welcoming the Hatha-haters? One thing that requires zero debate, however, is her choice of fanny pack. That thing is on-point.

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