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How Erica Weiner Picked Out Marnie Michael's Engagement Ring


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Lena Dunham might have been the one to write Marnie's engagement to Desi into Girls this season, but it was costume designer Jenn Rogien who brought it to life onscreen with the perfectly understated ring she found while browsing Erica Weiner's website last summer, Bedford + Bowery reports.


"I think it was supposed to be something [Desi's] family had already, so that was like an extra-special thing," the local jeweler, with stores in Nolita and Cobble Hill, told the site. "It's pretty modest—it looks like an heirloom."

Weiner purchased the ring that bears two sets of initials and the year 1926 from an estate sale in Maine a few years back, and estimates that it's worth about $3,000 today. "We're thinking it was probably made in America. There was a lot of this kind of filigree, white gold, diamond engagement-ring making going on in New York and around the East Coast in that part of the 20th century."

Want to get your hands on this ring? Sorry, you're out of luck—Weiner sold it after it made its small screen cameo. (Does that mean Marnie won't need to be wearing it in Season 5?)

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