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Miss Piggy, Noted Puppet, to Receive Brooklyn Museum's Feminist Award


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Sandra Day O'Connor, Toni Morrison...Miss Piggy? These are three public figures the Brooklyn Museum has deemed worthy of its Sackler Center First Award, which honors  "extraordinary women who are first in their fields." The AV Club reports that "the brassy and commanding porcine is set to receive the award in person at a ceremony on June 4, if by 'in person' it's clear that we mean someone manipulating a puppet will pretend that the puppet is actually able to move and talk."

The award's founder, Elizabeth Sackler, (of the Brooklyn Museum's feminist wing), says that Miss Piggy embodies "spirit, determination, and grit," and has taught valuable lessons about overcoming obstacles. Gloria Steinem will present the award during the ceremony, where Miss Piggy will, naturally, be accompanied by her longtime sidepiece Kermit the Frog.