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Sad Roger Sterling Takes New York City Sadness Walk, Points at Things


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When Sad Roger Sterling isn't sadly vomiting in front of important clients, sadly taking LSD with his much younger wife or sadly collecting his runaway daughter from a cult, he is busy taking strolls of sadness with New York Times reporters and pointing at things, sadly.

In today's Men's Style section, John Slattery walks through his home of Greenwich Village after returning from six years of shooting Mad Men in LA, where he does things like say hello to gym acquaintances and express confusion over beauty stores:

As he walked through his old neighborhood, he seemed puzzled by the changes. On Greenwich Avenue, he paused in front of Aesop, a high-end shop that sells only beauty products.

"I don't even know what this is," he said.

He also points at benches:

"I'm sitting there on this bench," he said, pointing out where the bench used to be, "and this woman says: ‘Do me a favor. Thread this needle for me,' like she was my grandmother or something. She holds my coffee. I help her thread the needle."

And other sad actors:

As he spoke, he spotted a fellow actor on a passing bicycle.

"There is Matthew Broderick," he said, pointing and smiling.

This has been: Sad Roger Sterling Points At Things.