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Film Biz Recycling, One of NYC's Best Shopping Secrets, Is Closing

Film Biz Recycling/Instagram
Film Biz Recycling/Instagram

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If you haven't already experienced the labyrinthine treasure trove that is Film Biz Recycling, you've only got until June 21st. The enormous underground warehouse in Gowanus—where shoppers can purchase old furniture, sets, art, books, clothing, and esoteric tchotchkes used in theater and film productions—is closing its doors due to lack of sufficient funding, Gothamist reports.

But! As with any good store closing, there will be sales. Between May 11th and 23rd, everything in the store will be 25% off, while between May 25th and June 6th it'll be 50% off. Then from June 8th through June 13th, score a whopping 75% off everything. As for what's left between then and closing, there'll be a name-your-own-price barter system.

Though we'll certainly miss afternoons spent scouring for $10 paintings or 1960s issues of National Geographic, what we'll always remember about Film Biz Recycling is that time we discovered this bizarre patent leather purse, emblazoned with a cutout of Tori Spelling for no apparent reason. RIP, Film Biz.

Film Biz Recycling

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