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Protesters Pose As Forever 21 Employees, Dress Mannequins In 'Black Lives Matter' Tees


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Over the weekend, an activist group managed to sneak into the Union Square Forever 21 and dress the window display mannequins in 'Black Lives Matter' t-shirts, according to a video published Sunday. Named Never 21, the protest references the "countless underaged lives that have been lost at the hands of 'vigilantes' and disgruntled police officers."

Though the protest wasn't an attack on Forever 21 specifically, Gothamist reports that the group sees it as "an opportunity for a huge company to stand behind Black Lives Matter."

In order to sneak inside the windows, an anonymous source told the publication, "We planned for a long time, and practiced beforehand on mannequins. We had the shirts sized large so that they would be easy to slip on," adding that the group didn't run into any problems because Forever 21 was so crowded. "No one paid attention to us. The door alarm kept going off for people who were trying to make returns."

Watch the full video, which shows people dressing the mannequins and hanging a banner on the second-floor window, below:

The Forever 21 Project: Never 21 from Never21 on Vimeo.