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Lilly for Target May Be Hiding Out in the Suburbs

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Can you spy with your little eye something bright, patterned, and super-duper cheap at your local Target store? That's the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration, creeping back into stores ahead of the 14-day return deadline. Madison Avenue Spy spent Sunday in the suburbs and found remnants of the collaboration in two unspecified New Jersey stores, including a couple of clothing items that can be found online for more than real Lilly Pulitzer.

But before you bolt from your desk to the nearest store, know that you're not going to find racks full of every size—or even racks at all. She recommends scouring the customer service area first, where you could get first dibs on items that have yet to make their way back to the floor, or even the dressing rooms. And since most stores have broken down their Lilly-specific displays by now, expect to find remaining home goods like plates, candle holders, and outdoor furniture mixed in with other Target-branded merchandise in that department.

Headed to an NYC-area target today? Let us know if you spy any Lilly remnants in the comments section below.