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Obama Could Join Amal Clooney (and Maybe Malia) at Columbia


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Less than a month after rumors about the Obamas becoming the ultimate helicopter parents and following their daughter to college in NYC began floating around, a new report indicates that President Obama could be teaching at Malia's university, too: According to Page Six, there's talks of Obama leading a course at Columbia Law School once he leaves the White House, just like everyone's favorite majestic, mink-fur-baseball cap–wearing justice warrior Amal Clooney.

Naturally, Columbia appears to be jumping at the chance to have not one, but two celebrity professors—the school has reportedly offered some of its land to house Obama's presidential library. Though nothing has been confirmed quite yet, the idea seems plausible, considering Malia's recent tours of both Columbia and NYU, as well as those rumors that the Obamas won't be returning to Chicago in 2016. Plus, if you're going to follow in someone's footsteps, it should be Amal Clooney's.

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