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MCM's Sample Sale: Backpacks! Studs! Furry Sneakers!

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The line outside of MCM's sample sale today stretched back nearly to 6th Avenue, as shoppers readied themselves to enter and VIP's slipped in through the entrance. We got a good look at the stock and there are many bags and accessories to be had, most for 50% off listed prices. Here's what you need to know (besides that fact that it's stupidly cold and windy outside, so wear a coat to wait in line).

Stickers on tags indicate the discounted amount. Yellow is 30%, dark green and dark blue are 40%, gold and orange are 50%, and red and light green are 60% off. Bags at the front and center are more expensive, while the back and walls have the biggest discounts.

Most backpacks are in the yellow category, for 30% off. We saw a black camo backpack for $2,870 (was $4,100), a Stark Lau backpack for $2,450 (was $3,500) and a mini backpack for $1,155 (was $1,650). Regular bags—aka cross-bodies, shoulder bags, and small totes—are either 30 or 40% off. There's a check messenger for $448 (was $895), a Boston mini for $272 (was $545) and a Covol tote for $370 (was $740).

Accessories in bins at the back all have dark blue stickers, meaning they're 40% off. A box of beige wallets runs from $100-$225, belts are around $120, and phone cases are $100-$200. Laptop and tablet cases are also 50% off.

Men's coats run 40% off, as do women’s dresses and coats. A red MCM jacket is $1,818 (was $3,030) and a women’s fur hooded shearling is $1,797 (originally $2,995).

Shoes are 60% off, with women's on the right and men's on the left side of the room; mostly high top sneaker styles. Men's range from 7.5 to size 11, women's from 5.5 up to a 10 (there's plenty of stock behind the tables). We saw men's high top sneakers for $224 (originally $560) and women's buckle riders for $332 (were $830).

Suitcases and overnight bags are also 60% off. The rundown: weekender bags are $420 to $450 (were $1,000+), suitcases are $516 (were $1,290), and Harriet totes are $462 (were $925). We also spotted men's briefcases for $587 (originally $1,175).

We left half an hour into the sale and there was still a line of around 70 people outside. There was plenty of stock out for big bags and shoes, but the accessories and backpacks are bound to go quickly.

Friday, April 24th through Monday, April 27th. Fri 1pm—6pm, Sat—Sun 9am—6pm, Mon 9am—1pm. Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th St between Sixth and Seventh Aves, 5th floor (no phone).