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Terrible Salons Tell Us Tanning Is Healthy, Get Sued


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Nothing good has ever come out of a tanning salon—that much has always been true—but a new lawsuit against two local chains proves it. The New York Times reports that Portofino Spas and Total Tan have been violating state laws against deceptive business tactics—specifically, by claiming that indoor tanning can increase vitamin D and reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Both chains also claimed that indoor tanning is safe. (It's not.)

The lawsuit, filed by state attorney general Eric Schneiderman, highlights a few of chains' ads. One features a testimonial from a man who says that indoor tanning cured his kidney cancer, while another states that tanning "can produce as much Vitamin D as drinking 100 glasses of milk!" (It can't.)

In addition to the lawsuit, the attorney general's office has sent warning letters to another tanning salon chain, as well as Planet Fitness for offering unlimited indoor tanning packages to its members. Tanning salons: still terrible.