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Dreamdry Launches Booking App for Millennials Who Can't Make Phone Calls


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If you're of—or rather, below—a certain age, you're loath to do anything that involves using your smartphone as an actual phone, and Rachel Zoe is well aware. That's why her blowout salon, DreamDry, is launching a booking app for iPhones this afternoon. Bless you, Ms. Zoe.

It's the simplified way to book your appointment at either the Midtown or Flatiron salons, where you can pre-select one of 19 lookbook hair styles—braids and updos included—and choose by date, time, and stylist. You'll also have quick access to your Premier Points earned by spending in the salon and referring friends, so you can see when you can cash in on your next reward.

If you've added regular blowouts to your stable of not-truly-neccessary-but-kinda-feels-mandatory beauty routines, then you're probably well aware that Dreamdry is encroaching on the territory of subscription services like BeautyBooked and Vive, as well as the handful of apps that'll get you Veronica Lake-esque waves at the salon closest to your current location or even in your own home. But Dreamdry loyalists who don't like to "Classpass" their way around from chair to chair will appreciate this app's features that can remember favorite stylists and show you before-and-after photos from prior appointments—a gentle reminder as to why you're booking in the first place.