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What's Left of Lilly at Five NYC-Area Targets (Spoiler: Absolutely Nothing)

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Despite yesterday's frenzied Lilly for Target launch at Atlantic Terminal (here's our video of the scene just after the doors opened), it was nothing compared to what went down online and at Targets across the country. Which is why we're somewhat surprised to find that in New York City, perhaps the least Lilly Pulitzer–friendly metropolis in the entire country, nearly every Target—Atlantic Terminal, East Harlem, Jersey City, and Bronx Terminal Market—has completely sold out of the collection.

What's even more surprising, however, is that it sounds like Target stores won't be restocking anything. All of the stores we called (the Flushing and Riverdale locations didn't pick up the phone) said they aren't expecting any more deliveries.

To be fair, however, the Brooklyn Junction location in East New York said they had a "very, very limited amount of stock left," but the voice on the phone was probably the gravest-sounding tone that had ever been used in a Target customer service office.

Your best bet? Use the website's locator tool to see if a store near you has an item in stock. Or, plan to take a very risky, very rainy trip to East New York today.